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When automation, artificial intelligence and internet applications love each other very much, they share a special hug, and a bot is made.



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We Are a Bunch of Nerds Who Love Bots


The world of bots is surprising!  It’s surprisingly big, and moving surprisingly fast, and can be surprisingly confusing as a result.  We’re here to help you get yourself oriented to the bot landscape.


You don’t need to be a developer to get your hands around the world of bots.  There are lots of low-code or no-code environments to build bots in, and getting started can be easy.

Kinds of Bots

Bots come in all different varietes – good bots, bad bots, artistic bots, productivity bots. Learn about all of them here.

Ethics of Bots

Bots are agents that act on behalf of people, so it’s important to think about what kinds of affordances are built into the bot for ethical behavior.

Bot Platforms

Platforms for bots to live in abound – Slack, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook to name a few.  We discuss each platform in detail.

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